A page which contains useful information such as Taxonomy Work-group reports was created in OCCC wiki site. (http://wiki.occc.ir/index.php?title=Taxonomy_workgroup)
You can also find a new topic that was newly added to this page about “Cloud App Markets” which is interesting in my opinion! Please contribute with your knowledge to do a better study all together.

A wiki site has been started in OCCC (Open Comunity of Cloud Computing): http://wiki.occc.ir

This is a Persian (Farsi) wiki site about cloud computing. It’s a while that this wiki is working and we hope all people can use this wiki as a reader and a writer for spreading the knowledge beyond the all.

درباره‌ی رایانش ابری

بر اساس تعریف استاندارد ISO/IEC 17788:2014 رایانش ابری الگویی است که امکان ایجاد دسترسی به یک مخزن مقیاس پذیر و کشسان از منابع قابل اشتراک فیزیکی یا مجازی را تحت شبکه به صورت تأمین منابع سلف سرویس و با امکان مدیریت برحسب نیاز، فراهم می سازد.


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