Cloud Computing, Not any more an elephant in the Dark

My friend Dr. Amir h. Payberah held a very useful and interesting presentation about cloud  computing on  Monday 27th of April 2015 in the Amirkabir University  of  Technology, Named “Cloud Computing an Elephant in The Dark” . The presentation was about cloud computing and its various applications and also its several definitions. When we speak about cloud computing definitions, the war is just begin!! Some  people believe that this is not a new paradigm and it is just a commercial definition of something that already existed before; Some others refer to NIST Cloud Characteristics as its definition, and so on. This is the reason the presentation was called “An Elephant in The Dark”. So how we can achieve a common definition…?When Dr. Payberah was spoking about these definitions, I thought to myself, “How useful can be a standardized definition!”. Next, the ISO/IEC 17788 and our website ( were introduced in the session. Also, one of  audiences asked “Is there any Cloud Service Provider in Iran?”, in order to answer the question, activities of the Taxonomy & Standardization work-group was introduced. To make a long story short, in the Taxonomy & Standardization work-group my friends and I have been working on these kind of issues and you can find more information about that in the wiki page of Work-Group.

I think after the Standardization of definitions  the Cloud Computing would not be “An Elephant in the Dark” any more.

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